Sunday, May 20, 2018

Exciting Trip

The Seattle trip was very exciting for me. I could see many new things to me. My favorite place is Pike Place Market. I reserched on lymthe stores which I wanted to go, because my friend said I couldn't understand this map. At first, we went to Pike Place chowder. I heard this shop closes at 5p.m, so we rushed. It was very delicious. I was impressed because I have never eaten it. Next, we went to Starbucks. I'm not interested in it, so I haven't visited. I was very nervous when I ordered coffee. The coffee was very delicious. If I heard "market" in Japan, I would imagine fresh seafood, but I am not familiar with the market. I went to market in America and I got my common sense. American market are sold fruits, fishes and miscellaneous goods. It was so colorful. I didn't tired of stay there long time. Another most interesting place was the cruise. I was very glad because if I spent my life time in Japan, I wouldn't experience it. It was my first experiences to take a ship, so I had wonderful feeling.The sunshine on the ship was warm and glittery. I had lots of experience in those three days. I also was able to have many beautiful memories. I want to make use of things what I learned Seattle trip. This trip is the most exciting trip of my life!

Friday, May 18, 2018

Wonderful Study Abroad Experience

My study abroad experience has been wonderful. First, I was able to learn American culture. I went to see many famous places and knew American history there. In addition, I actually experienced American culture, such as eating American food, playing with American children, using American furniture and talking with American family during home stay. Second, I have became more active. I became brave to talk with many American people and started to use English other than classes. I often talk with my friends and my RA in English at my dormitory. In addition, I have been willing to help someone because of community life. We must help each other in community life. Finally, I noticed the importance of my family. I must do housework during studying abroad, so I realized how hard it was to do myself. My mother always do housework for my family. My father also work for us. I felt love from them. I decided to return money for studying abroad to them. I want to give back their favor. In conclusion, my study abroad experience has been wonderful.

Awesome Trip Experience

Traveling abroad have given me a life of abundance. First experience of trip expanded my vision in each time to go abroad. For example, when I was 9 years old, I have been to Thailand. Then, I saw a lot of poor people on street road, and  knew about the gap between the rich and poor in the world. I got shocked from this experience, but then I can get a lot of perspectives to think about something and realize that my world that I had seen is only Japan and I had not seen the fact of the world. These let me grow my thinking and my sensitives. Second, trip have given me a lot of resourceful experiences in each time. When I actually go to the local of foreign countries is completely different from just looking on textbook in my own country. What I actually go to the local foreign countries give me a great impact and stimulation. Theses change my mind that I think about whatever and feeling something. These are good resourceful for my life, because I can get a skill to see in the broader perspectives. Third, motivation to learn a foreign countries' language and culture is increased. When I went to foreign counties. I found a lot of interesting thing and hear a lot of foreign languages. It inspired me to study foreign languages and cultures. It always made me to want to study these. In conclusion, trip have given me a life of abundance and awesome experiences for me. 

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Surprising American Life

I've seen so many interesting things and had wonderful experiences during my first study abroad here. First of all, I was surprised that most Americans eat tiny raw carrot. Not only carrot but many others also are eaten raw. Moreover, they ate raw carrot as a snack. I was very surprised and that was interesting. Second, a church I went to was very nice. I thought a church is a quiet and small place, but it totally wasn't. Actually, the church was like a concert stage, and some famous singers were singing songs on the stage. The second time to go there, I saw that my host family's friend was baptized for the first time in my life. That was amazing and wonderful and I was touched. I'll never forget this experience. Finally, Americans are very friendly, talkative and powerful. Even young people or small children I met were clever. They had their own opinions and told me about that, so it was easy to tell them what I think. Meeting high school students and elementary school students was also exciting. As I told you, I've had so many amazing and curious experiences and now  I am a happy.

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Amazing Cultural Differences

I have found many surprising cultural differences between America and Japan during study abroad. First, almost all Americans don't take off their shoes when they enter the house. I saw my host parents didn't take off their shoes when I had a homestay. Japanese take off their shoes and enter the house, so I felt it is very strange for me. I think that Americans don't have a habit of sitting on the floor so they can put on their shoes into the house. Japanese sit on a step and take off their shoes. I also think that the entrance of America has no difference in level than the entrance of Japan because they don't have a this habit. Second, there is a tip system in America. There isn't this system in Japan, but I think it is a good system because it can know gratitude. It is a very good way to convey appreciation so I think that Japan should also adopt the tip system. If Japan adopts this system, motivation for many people will improve. Finally, I think that most Americans treasure conversations with family. For example, most Americans eat a meal together for their family and they have conversations so meal time in America is longer than Japan. I think that it is important to have conversations with family because they can notice a little change by talking everyday. However, Japanese families don't talk so much even if they eat together so I want to talk more with my family. Cultures are completely different from Japan, but I like American cultures so I recommend you study abroad because knowing cultural differences are so interesting!

Amazing MFWI

I think that lessons in the MFWI will highly improve all my skills. First, any class will improve my conversation skills by having a lot discussion time during the lessons. At first I felt it was different to take classes in English only, but I don't feel it is more difficult now than before. I enjoy talking. MFWI's teacher are funny because they always make us interesting lessons, such as, Quizlet and Kahoot. We are reviewing while having fun. Second, for example, we have to talk with people of different classes every Monday, so I think that my communication skills will improve by doing it. When I did it with a high level class, I felt the difference in power. I think that it was great to ask questions of what the other person spoke and to continue talking. I can't quite ask questions. Even if I can, I'll end the talking soon. I want to be able to ask questions. Finally, there are not many classes involved in Japanese university lecture but in the United States you have to participate. I think that it is interesting that classes progress with my remarks. So I would like to speak more in my classes. To sum up, I will get more my skills so I want to try MFWI life. 

Surprising Culture

I was surprised by American culture through study abroad. First, American toilet's facilities is everything difficult. Japan has bidet, toilet sound, children chair and heating of toilet seat, but American toilet is nothing. Especially, I was surprised to be able to see feet of people. I wondered that so researched why toilet open under the door. I understood that it was for protect a crime according to research. I felt difference danger between America and Japan. I prefer Japanese toilet, because Japanese toilet is more comfortable than American toilet and I want not see anybody while I do a restroom. Second, American sweets is too sugary. When I ate a cookie in America for the first time, I was surprised, because I had not ever eaten too sweets the cookie. Not only the cookie but also other sweets are sugary. Now, I like better American sweets than Japanese sweets. Third, serving is different. When I went to the cash register to buy a clothes, clerk did not notice for me, so I said Excuse me, and the clerk came with angry face. Maybe the clerk was so tired, but that kind of thing  should not be in Japan. I felt a pride for Japanese serving at the time, but many American clerk is good person. I like point that American clerk is very friendly and energy. I think that Japanese should follow such a friendly and energy. Between American culture and Japanese culture are different at all, but I understood that American have good culture too. I'm so happy to know much American culture through this study abroad.

Love Place

I love downtown Spokane. I have three favorite places in downtown. First my favorite place is Sephora of downtown mall. I was excited when I went there for the first time, because there are innumerable cosmetics. Some cosmetics of Sephora aren't sold in Japan, so I want to introduce this shop to my friends. I hope that Sephora is made in Japan. Second, my favorite place is cafe. I like coffee of latte art there. The latte art is form of heart. It is very cute, so the coffee makes me happy. Also the shop's atmosphere is  very good and I can relax. I want to go the cafe again before I go back Japan. Third, my favorite place is used clothing shop. I had never been to used clothing shop, because I was reluctant to buy used clothes. I was invited my friend and I went the shop. I was impressed with the interior of the shop. There are antique sofa, objects and extensive collection of post card. Of course, there were many used clothes too. I could get nice pictures and wonderful accessory. I want to buy clothes when I go there next. Finally, old town scape of downtown is nice. I think that I can't look this scenery in Japan. I really like everything of downtown.

Comfortable Time

I went to homestay for the first time last week. I could learn American culture, and a lot of things that I don‘t know. In addition, I was perplexed about a variety of things. My hostfamily is very kind and interesting. There are father, mother and two children. They really get along with themselves, and they are laughing all the time. I could learn a lot of things from them. I was welcomed by my hostfamily. I felt a lot of things in this homestay, for example, I should say hostfamily that I want to try and my opinion. My hostfamily was having some trouble because of I was holding back a little. I was able to understand that I should say things clearly. Second, I was able to learn that it is important to have the conversational ball rolling in America. I was frustrated, because my hostfamily asked about a lot of things to talk with me, but I couldn‘t response only short sentences. I want to say their a lot of interesting things and important things, but the word that I want to say didin‘t occur to my brain. I felt strong there that I went to improve my English skills more and more. Third, I felt that my hostfamily love each other. They cooperate anything, and they were sharing all housework. I felt wonderful, because most Japanese mother do housework. I think strong that I want to marry person that looks like my hostfather. I miss my hostfamily. It was all new experiences. I was able to learn and study about a variety of things. It was good and important experiences for me. I was able to make wonderful memories in this homestay.

Wonderful Time

It is valuable experience for me to study abroad. First, I can grow up as a human. For example, I can extend my horizon, and I can have different idea. It is big different between American culture and Japanese culture, so I can learn and know a lot of things. In my dormitory, I must do myself all things, so I feel that I can become self-control. Second, I can encounter a lot of people here. I live same conditions in Japan, so I didn't have new encounter. I can learn that there are a variety of people such as friendly, kindly and interesting people in the world, and I notice again that my friends are important for me. I think that if I didn't have my friends, I wouldn't do my best. I can make many friends, and I understand importance that help each other. Third, I feel again that my parents are very great. I have been feeling to gratitude my parents since I come to America. Thanks to my parents that I can study abroad, so I want to repay the favor. I will talk them about a lot of American life and American cultures. I'm looking forward to seeing them. For these reasons, I can a lot of things, and it is valuable and wonderful memory for me.